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Chronic illness is just one of the many mountains and valleys that mark people’s lives.  Suffering and affliction is a personal and often lonely walk through life, especially if it is an illness or injury that is not noticeable on the outside. We are all unique. The same illness or injury may be shared by others.  But that does not mean we all understand or deal with it in the same way. We don’t.  But that’s the gift.  Each step on the journey of illness is a lesson, one we can accept, hate, reject or claim as a personal victory.

We are not who we were before we became ill or injured. We are reborn souls in a different body that functions against us. What is not seen is the inner battle of accepting this reborn soul and dysfunctional body. Even after the recovery, remission or healing, it is not taken into account that the reborn soul needs nurturing and support to be able to move forward in life.

As a woman who has a chronic disease that cannot be seen or understood, the reborn soul path began alone. The journey, however, has brought me an understanding of life, people and spirit that I did not acknowledge before and many times did not want. Although my body rails against me, laying to ruins who I used to be, my reborn soul now has new eyes to see what is really True, open ears to hear the faintest cry of a suffering soul, lips that Voice words to bring comfort and caring. Healing in my body and soul occurs everyday as my illness has allowed me to discover my Inner True Self, creating the Awareness of my Purpose in life. This has revealed an Inner Beauty of Spirit and Peace that gives my reborn self wings to soar over the ruins of my old self. As I look down on those old ruins, as in many ancient findings, I see lessons to be learned from another time. Those ruins brought on my chronic illness but have also brought me a New Life that is supporting me in reaching out to others.

This soaring flight of healing emotionally and physically can often be blown off course by the thunder and winds of past hurts and betrayals.  I learn to fly through theses storms and leave them behind, no longer a block to my healing. And with each storm I fly through, I soar higher and higher above the ruins.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is a Woman’s Spiritual Guide to Inner Healing who focuses on the mind, body and spiritual health of women.  A few years ago Mary Jane was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.  In order to accept the sudden life changes she was experiencing, Mary Jane began a blog at as a way to journal what she was feeling as she came to terms with these diseases and the emotional baggage they brought with it.

Mary Jane began reaching an audience who identified with the struggles of illness, life and Spirituality. It was then that she realized her journaling was becoming a journey that was restoring her faith in Spirit and bringing her emotional healing. This blog is now called Journeys of Spiritual Healing at

Mary Jane continues to write of what she calls her Journey of Faith and Healing as she embraces her own spirituality with holistic health and thinking. Besides her blog, Mary Jane has been led by Spirit to develop two new websites that focus on the mind, body and spirit that lead to deeper connections to one’s own spirituality.

  • Women’s Soul Care at to help women awaken their True Voice and express their True Self.
  • Dental Soul Care at focuses on holistic insights for dental professionals based on Mary Jane’s 25 years in the field of dentistry.
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