The Empowered Secrecy of Women

Women have walked a path of empowered secrecy for thousands of years. We have lived emotionally underground within our souls until the revolution of waking up to our true feminine energy and civil rights began more than 100 years ago. Despite the many gains women have achieved over the years, our lives are still conditioned to the expectations of an outdated patriarchal society with the old, tired energy of organized religion still pressing a mighty foot upon the Power of the Female Spirit. This has caused many women to keep their personal power a deep secret due to fear of backlash from family, friends, church, and career.

The Power and Wisdom of Feminine Energy

Empowered secrecy is subjective, but to me, it’s the collective wisdom women have carried within them for thousands of years. Within this collective wisdom, we hold the power of the feminine energy which carries the emotions of love, peace, community, nurturing, healing and Oneness. Yet these very emotions that build families, friendships, careers and even nations are often considered a weakness in character instead of strength. Down through the generations, women have shared together their collective wisdom as a legacy of empowered secrecy to support, encourage and protect each other from the backlash of patriarchal, distorted views of feminine energy.

The Power of Women In Circle

For thousands of years, women have gathered in circles or groups to support the family and community. Within these circles of shared work and taking care of children, women expressed themselves safe from the judgment and shaming of their church, husbands and families. It is the power within these circles where women, our Grandmothers, passed on their wisdom and intimacy of womanhood that could not be expressed in public. The power of their shared secrecy became legacies of wisdom, strength, and mystery that many women are awakening to today.

Soul Awakening

We are an imbalanced species with the emotions suppressed to keep the patriarchal machine of divide and conquer active within our world and within our lives. But that old energy is beginning to shift and lose steam as women and men have begun the deep soul searching for a connection to something greater than the grit and grind of daily life and work. We are a society that is experiencing an awakening of the soul that seeks more authenticity and balance within our relationships and careers. Here within this soul awakening, both men and women are seeking more purposeful, authentic lives.

Evolution of the Soul

Women are now experiencing more than a revolution for women’s rights and personal dignity, they are experiencing an Evolution of the Soul. This evolution, which is a rising to a higher vibrating expression of the soul and spirit, is giving birth to a woman who is no longer afraid to keep her personal power buried deep within her own personal secrecy.

We Are The Legacy of Our Grandmothers

We need to encourage and support each other during this time of soul awakening and evolution. We are seeing women standing in their truth as they speak out against sexual atrocities that as a whole, we have secretly endured together. We are seeing the power of the circle once again, with the wisdom of our grandmothers rising up within us. Let us no longer be empowered in our secrecy, but in the truth of who we are. For we are the legacy of our grandmothers, the Women in Circle, who entrust and urge us to speak out loud and clear for what was once their empowered secrecy. For we are no longer kept secrets of feminine wisdom, but the Voices and Truth of its strength and power.


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