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Advancing years for a woman can be a cruel journey due to outdated, limited belief systems that view women of age as invisible, irrelevant and unattractive. We live in a youth obsessed society that diminishes the beauty, vibrancy, and vitality of a woman as she ages. Sadly, women encourage this old energy of aging with many seeing these advancing years as a loss with aggressive quests to look and stay young. Youthing and graceful aging is an inside job of positive self acceptance that includes a profound spiritual awareness of the energetic power and beauty of a woman’s wisdom years. This profound spiritual awareness is called  New Energy of the Wise Woman.

Shifting Into Aging With Body Shaming

Over the last few months, I have been experiencing an energetic shift within me that I was not fully prepared for. This shift was the greater awareness of aging as I entered my 64th year this past September 2018. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars to look “ younger” from face creams, body lotions, hair coloring and anything marked “ look younger. “

A diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in my 50’s depleted my energy with chronic pain reducing my ability to exercise as frequently as I once did. This reduction in exercise and movement resulted in additional weight accumulating on my once slim and firm body. I began to feel shame about my body and shifting facial features despite the success and satisfaction I was enjoying as a self employed Reiki Master and spiritual guide. Sadly I knew this body shaming regarding age and looks was ingrained deeply in many women of any age.

The Wise Woman In the Mirror

Advancing in age would not be so difficult if we were not so consumed with looking young with many of us still feeling youthful in mind, body, and soul. It’s just plain hard to watch your looks shift as your eyes recede and the face begins to lose its elasticity. I was ashamed to no longer have the youthful looks that society demands of a woman.

I scared myself daily as I looked in the mirror for I no longer knew the woman looking back at me. Every day I’d ask myself when did this advancement of years upon my face and body happen? When did I become less of myself and ashamed of how I looked? I didn’t know this foreign energy that was looking out at me from the mirror and I was scared of her. I didn’t know her and she frightened me with her power. Eventually, I recognized the woman in the mirror was me.

As I began to gaze more deeply at the woman in the mirror, my intuition was lovingly telling me to meet the Wise Woman I was becoming. The sacred information that flowed through me revealed that a woman enters her wisdom years when her childbearing years are ending. Enfolded within this natural ending begins the new beginnings of embracing the fullness of her wisdom from the rocky pathways of her life experiences. And even more important, The Wise Woman holds the sacred energy of the Great Mother and the harmonically balanced wisdom of the ages.

Women and Media Disrespecting the Wisdom Years

My journey to meet the Wise Woman I am becoming has been a rough as well as exhilarating ride. Within this journey, I am awakening to how extensively women entering their wisdom years are marginalized and disrespected within our society. We are “told and taught” within our own cultures, society, and the biggest influencer, the media, that women of wisdom years are less than desirable because of what is considered lost beauty, sexuality, and intellect.

Frankly, I am tired of insulting media commercials telling me how fabulous I will feel if I wear a certain age-defying makeup or tired ass stories of “cougars” and cute, feisty grandmas. Worse yet, is seeing social media posts from women that joke of becoming old and creaky. Speak for yourself Sister, that may be how you view yourself, but many of us are boldly redefining those stereotypes of women in their wisdom years. Your posts only make it more difficult for all women to break out of the outdated patriarchal belief systems that devalue a woman as she as enters her age of wisdom.

The Rise of the Wise Woman

We are now experiencing the Rise of the New Woman which is redefining the power of all women at this moment in time. This new energy is having a dramatic, positive life-changing effect on women of all ages, especially those of us in our wisdom years. Due to the rise of this evolution of the New Woman,  I am rebranding this blog to create awareness of the Wise Woman within us. On this journey, you will learn about the ancient mysteries of womanhood that are now surfacing within the Rise of the New Energy of Woman. Through this blog, we will virtually form the ancient gathering of Women in Circle to teach and empower each other as we enter the transformative powerful years of the Wise Woman.

Mary Jane Brigger empowers women through higher awareness to embrace and become the Authentic Woman within her. Through her Intuitive Power Sessions and Empowering Reiki, Mary Jane guides women on how to recognize, align and use their Intuition for career and personal success.

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