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Women’s Soul Care is a new online site for women that nourishes their mind, body and spirits with holistic insights and ancient wisdom.

Our Mission Statement

Women’s Soul Care is dedicated to the woman in search of her True Self Identity through spiritual transformation and healing.

Women’s Soul Care will inspire a woman to awaken the sleeping Voice in her soul in order to Express the Authentic Beauty of the True Woman She Was Born to Be.

Woman’s Soul Care guides women to reclaiming their sacred right to total well being in mind, body and spirit through holistic insights and ancient wisdom.

Women’s Soul Care

Mary Jane Brigger

Women’s Soul Care comes from the heart and soul of a woman who has always been in search of herself. When chronic disease stripped her of everything she thought she was, Spirit gently placed her on a Journey of Faith and Healing to re-discover the True Woman She was Born to Be.

Spiritual Journeys

Women’s Soul Care is base on the Spiritual Journeys of Mary Jane Brigger. She began her first spiritual journey to find herself. There were many times Mary Jane became lost as she wandered off the path of her journey. There were times Spirit grasped Mary Jane’s hand and pulled her off the path they were walking.

Whether lost or guided off the path, this is when Spirit would reveal to Mary Jane the deep significant life and spiritual lessons that she needed to learn.

Once these lessons were learned Mary Jane’s heart, mind and soul would experience the deep awakenings of the authentic beauty of Her True Self, The Woman She Was Born to Be.

Spiritual Lessons and Women’s Soul Care

These life and spiritual lessons transformed Mary Jane which manifested in deep connections with her Spirit that are blessed with healing grace. Her spiritual travels have become her Journeys of Faith and Healing which  led to the founding of Women’s Soul Care.

Programs and Services

Women’s Soul Care will focus on the many facets of Becoming the Woman You Were Born to be. We will explore, awaken, re-birth, transform, manifest and express ourselves as women through:

  • Guiding you on your own Journey of Faith and Healing.
  • Deepening your current faith walk to embrace your Soul Within Your Soul.
  • Learning about the Angels and the importance of their Presence in our lives.
  • Understanding ancient wisdom and how it applies to women today.
  • To take control of your health as a woman with holistic insights and methods that lead to total well being.
  • Learning to live and breathe with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency (CFIDS) without losing your self identity and self worth.
  • Onsite workshops, online seminars, webinars, as well as articles that are written to guide and inspire you on your own journeys.
  • Private Sessions for emotional healing and deepening your spirituality.
  • Special online membership in Women’s Soul Care that will be 24/7 with special benefits for members.

Women’s Soul Care also wants to hear from you!

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Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane is a Woman’s Spiritual Guide to Inner Healing and currently resides in Saga more Hills, Ohio with her husband Jack and their 3 dogs and 3 cats.

After 25 years in dentistry, Mary Jane changed her life direction when she came down with a chronic disease. As with Women’s Soul Care, Mary Jane also has a holistic and spiritual online site for the dental profession at www.DentalSoulCare.Com.

You can also follow Mary Jane on her blog:

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