30 Signs and Symptoms of the Winds of Change Creating Havoc In Your Life

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The winds of change are roaring through our lives right now bringing with it chaos and crisis in order to bring in positive transition and transformation. These winds of change are taking us from a personal revolution of our lives to the evolution of our souls as we begin to ascend into higher consciousness. These winds of change are extremely high waves of vibrational energy that is bringing upheaval to our lives causing chaos, crisis, physical discomforts, illness, emotional outbursts and anxiety as the body is forced to bring to the surface that which no longer serves it for release.

Experiencing the Winds of Change Through Our Bodies

Personal and spiritual transformation cannot occur when we refuse to release limiting beliefs about ourselves, others and the world around us. With the age of soul and spiritual evolution upon us, we will see transition occurring more in our lives with increased spiritual transformation. Many will experience this within their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies as this high vibration of transformation begin to integrate within our physical bodies. Many of us have been experiencing this for years with symptoms worsening or manageable as our bodies release the core of limiting beliefs we still hold about ourselves and the world around us.

Thirty Signs and Symptoms You Are Riding the Winds of Change

I have listed below signs and symptoms of what many are experiencing right now as the winds of change and havoc roar through their lives. See how many you may identify with:

  1. Increased incidences of high anxiety and fear.
  2. Nausea with bloating and loss/or increased appetite.
  3. Bouts of rage and anger that seem to come out of nowhere.
  4. Having memories of situations or people you thought were long gone or forgiven.
  5. Heart palpitations associated with high anxiety that are unexplained.
  6. Brain fog and severe headaches often in the middle of your forehead or just below the base of the head.
  7. Feeling like a drill is going down the crown of your head or through your ears.
  8. Tingling that races up to and down your spine and legs when you meet people or walk into certain situations.  
  9. Unexplained dizziness and vertigo.
  10. Weight gain yet you have no appetite and eat very little.
  11. A thirst that cannot be quenched.
  12. Muscle soreness and pain which cannot be relieved with pain medications or exercise.
  13. Insomnia or restless sleep.
  14. Waking up at night anywhere from 1:00 -4:00 am and feeling wide awake.
  15. Falling asleep at night and waking up an hour or two later feeling extreme fatigue and heaviness without knowing why.
  16. Waking up talking out loud in prayer or having a conversation with someone who isn’t there.
  17. Feeling a presence around you when you are alone any time of the day.
  18. Experiencing what feels like a cobweb covering your face yet there is no cobweb.
  19. Feeling like your walking between two worlds with one foot in the other.
  20. A restlessness that cannot be relieved by exertion or exercise.
  21. Extreme fatigue that cannot be relieved by rest, sleep or diet.
  22. Forgetfulness with confused thinking that is unusual and occurs without warning.
  23. Extreme sensitivity to the energy of crowds, certain people and situations leaving you physically, mentally and emotionally drained for hours or days.
  24. Increased symptoms of a chronic illness with more frequency and severity.
  25. Seeing lights out of the corner of your eyes or flashes of different colored lights around you.
  26. Experiencing clairvoyance with high degrees of intuition occurring more frequently or for the first time.
  27. Sensing deep within you a greater purpose and energy you cannot define.
  28. Relationships and partnerships falling apart and ending suddenly or without reason.
  29. A deeper sense of power within yourself that leaves you edgy and uncertain of yourself.
  30. Feeling different and alone with no sense of belonging in this world.

What I have listed are just some of the symptoms people are experiencing as the winds of change roar through our lives. Many are experiencing more than I have listed and with higher intensity. Always seek medical treatment if symptoms become unbearable or too severe.

How We Respond To The Winds of Change Determines Its Outcomes

Crisis, chaos, and havoc will always bring change and transition into our lives regardless if we want it or not. How we respond to these upheavals will determine the degree of the transformation it can bring into our lives. To fight change and transition is to travel a long suffering road with baggage that no longer belongs to you. Yet it can take time to fully realize that transformation is taking place when chaotic transition enters your life. This is a time to be gentle with yourself and take one day at a time. One symptom at a time. Think back how often you survived transition or upheaval and came out more a thriver than a survivor.

Removing the Obstacles of Self Doubt and Limiting Beliefs

Change brings to the surface what no longer works or serves our lives anymore. This can be quite difficult if it means releasing a life, career or person you love. Yet, we are here to grow and experience life to better serve ourselves and others. That is what this spiritual evolution of transition and transformation is about, removing the obstacles of our own self doubt and limiting beliefs of ourselves and others. If havoc in your life gives you new eyes to see the world with heart felt compassion and peace, then transformation has already occurred and will continue on higher levels. How we meet, greet and ride the winds of change will determine how bumpy or smooth that transformational ride will be.

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