7 Beliefs That Block Your Intuition

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We hold a tremendous power within ourselves that is called intuition which holds the keys to greater self-empowerment and wisdom. Defined as the sense of knowing or perception, our intuition is a right brain function which energizes creativity with deeper insight, and emotional feeling. However, intuition is a disempowered and underdeveloped skill due to filters or blocks of influencing limited belief systems.

Belief Systems That Filter Out Intuition

In my earlier blog on intuition,  Intuition: The Keys To Understanding The Powerhouse of This Life Force Energy I discuss what intuition is and the spiritual awakening it’s bringing to many of our lives. I also list the many filters that block our intuition and the ways of removing them. Within this blog, I will be discussing and listing the filters of a few limited belief systems that cause fear and distrust of our own inner wisdom. Intuition has been suppressed for thousands of years by religions, the church and the ruling societies influenced by them to ensure the power of dependency upon the people.

Early Disempowerment of Intuition

Intuition or any inner knowing was considered heresy and evil with persecution,  torture, and executions carried out to frighten the masses and keep them under the power of church and governing controls. Although we may no longer live in fear of such severe punishments, we often suppress our intuition through these earlier belief systems that have been passed down to us through the years.

Suppression and Disempowerment From Unbalanced Energies

Suppression and the disempowerment of women is a key filtering block to intuition for it is the feminine energy of emotion. A patriarchal society that empowers the masculine energy of aggressive action and logic, disempowers the peaceful, intuitive energy of the feminine. This imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies is a key filter to blocking the power of intuition within both men and women. The power, clarity, and flow of intuition are depended upon these energies being balanced. When we allow the masculine and feminine energies to go unbalanced, they work against each other to encourage suppression of all people and disempower the flow of intuition.

Seven Disempowering Filters That Block Our Intuition

The following are seven filtering blocks that may be influencing disempowerment of your intuition:

1. Limited belief systems that are influenced by culture or faith that considers alternative belief systems as threatening.
2. Our personal belief systems surrounding God or the Highest Power as being loving, punishing, accepting, judgemental, etc.
3. Belief systems based on a logic that say for anything to be true, it must be seen to be proven.
4.Personal self-doubt that rises out of low self-esteem, confidence, and victimization.
5. Male dominated upbringing, cultures, and religions that discouraged feminine rights and freedoms.
6. Being ridiculed and shamed when expressing your personal intuition or inner knowing.
7. Believing that spiritual connection can only occur externally and not within yourself.

A Spiritual Evolution of Intuition

We are currently in a spiritual evolution as hearts are opening to greater expressions and experiences of the Divine within life. This spiritual evolution is cracking open the taboos of intuition as we begin to question the suppressive energy of an outdated patriarchal society. The awakening of our intuition is a vital source of this spiritual evolution as it allows the flow of wisdom to empower us from within that deepens the spiritual connection to life. When we can begin to seek and understand the power and source of our intuition, the filters of limited beliefs will dissolve away to increased spiritual and self-empowerment.



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