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God, Please Help Me

God, Please Help Me Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that can occur within physical and emotional trauma that includes disease, chronic pain, injuries, and the...

A Mindful “High Five” to Reduce Workplace Stress

How can five minutes transform your life in the workplace and at home? When I was a hiring manager, I was trained to look...

Knock, Knock Who’s There? Your Personal Power!

There is a new dawn rising as the age of spiritual awareness is growing.  This spiritual awareness is emerging as a feminine force...

Emotion Locomotion

Stress, humiliation, betrayal, low self esteem and       respect are words of emotion that sadly many of us relate to. A deeper look within...

The Dark Shadows of Self and Soul Part II

Spiritual warfare became greater then my physical ailments as the questions of “Who Am I?” and “Why Did This Happen?” burned in my heart and soul.And the more I fought my Spirit on this, the deeper I fell into the recesses of my soul.
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A Must Try Recipe